The revolving pavilion is a sculpture that changes its shape and its interaction with its environment during the sun’s daily cycle. The pavilion is situated in an open space in the woods and is build up of three stacked connected arms. The upper arm and lower arm are fixed to the ground by vertical axes and two vertical hinges mutually connect the three arms. The lower arm is shorter than the middle arm, which in turn is
shorter than the upper arm, so that the whole contraption can revolve around the two axes. The lower and largest panel is always facing the sun, and as the earth rotates, the panel will remain fixed on the sun by rotating. The rotation drives the other arms to change position so that at any time of the day, the sculpture has a different shape. During the day the construction makes a semi circular rotation, which is
completed the next day. The interaction with the environment is achieved by the reflectiveness of the surface of the arms, e.g. solar panels. The lower panel will always show the dark side and the sunny side, whereas the other two arms will show intermediate positions.

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